Generic Garden Hose Connector



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Generic Garden Hose Connector
KCD-25Y1 > MPA-08CR > MPC-09CR > MPC-09ER > MPK-10CR > MPK-10CR-1 > MPK-10ER > MPM-08CR-BB4 > MPM1-10CR-BB6 > MPM2-10CR-BB6 > MPV1-12ER-BB6
Garden Hose Connector.

This item is good for the following model numbers:

1) MPK-10CR

2) MPK-10ER

3) MPK-10CR-1

4) MPM1-10CR-BB6

5) MPM2-10CR-BB6

6) MPM-8CR-BB4

7) MPV1-12ER-BB6

8) MPC-09ER

9) KCD-25Y1

10) MPA-08CR

11) MPC-09CR

Generic Garden Hose Connector
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Categories: KCD-25Y1, MPA-08CR, MPC-09CR, MPC-09ER, MPK-10CR, MPK-10CR-1, MPK-10ER, MPM-08CR-BB4, MPM1-10CR-BB6, MPM2-10CR-BB6, MPV1-12ER-BB6, More..
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